I, for one, welcome our AI overlords!

If you haven’t jumped on the Ai bandwagon already then do it NOW! Chat GPT and many other variations are now available and can just about do anything you need for your business – whether it is for writing a bit website copy and social media posts, maybe some editorial… you could create custom code for your website or perhaps create workflows and processes for your business – AI can help you!

It’s such a great resource and I highly recommend getting into now whilst we’re on the cusp – don’t get left behind!


  1. Give it a hat to wear – you can preface your request by instructing the ai who or what to be eg. A female graphic designer living in Perth. This frames the response and gives it context.
  2. Ask for ideas!? Try something like this… Please list 5 ideas for a lead magnet for a [insert profession here] to use to attract ideal clients who are [your target market].
  3. Be a good client – Essentially you can treat the AI as an assistant or professional service. Therefore it make sense that the better brief you supply the better outcome you’ll get!
  4. Instruct for tone – you can ask it to make the copy more casual or fun or formal – it’s up to you. You can even ask it to include emojis!
  5. Ask for instructions – Don’t know how to do something? Just ask!
    Eg. Please write easy to follow step by step instructions for how to [insert task here].
  6. Get the ai to ask YOU questions. Try something like this: “I want you to write a capability statement for my business but first I would like you to ask me as many questions as you need about my business”. This will help it to put together a base knowledge about your business before it begins.
  7. Build on it – Perhaps the initial output isn’t exactly what you want – don’t give up, give feedback! If you let the AI know that perhaps.. ’this is on the right track but can you please provide it in a format I can use for blah blah blah’ or include more references to [insert business name] or instruct it to use particular wording.
  8. Refer it to a website – tell it where you’d like it to source the information!
  9. Get inspiration! Ask it to come up with ideas for you – Eg. Give me 5 ideas for a graphic to use for a Handyman Logo.
  10. Use your manners! When the machines eventually take over they might be kinder to those who treated them with respect! I, for one, welcome our robot overlords!

Try these:

Here’s a bit of a case study for how I used AI to come up with the name for my new e-newsletter. It gives you an idea of how you can work with the ai to continue to develop your results.

I have also used it to create custom code for website e-commerce shipping options but that’s just not as much fun to show!

Good luck out there!


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